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Best Screen Recorder for iPad, iPhone and iOS

Just as there are screen recorders for Android, the iOS users also kept thinking for some way or the other to record the screen of their iPads and iPhones. I got a lot of requests from my readers for posting this article on the best Screen Recorder for iPad.


Now, it is a well-known fact that recording screen on iPads and iPhones is not possible directly because there is no app for the iOS platform which provides this feature. So normally, you can not record the screen of your iOS devices.


But you are not here to listen that, right? I am sure that you are expecting me to tell you something by which you can record the screen of your iOS device.


Well yes, you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you four ways in which you can record the screen of your iPad or your iPhone.


Since these four methods are only going to allow you to record the screen of your iPad, so we will consider each method as a screen recorder for iPad.


Let’s get started.

Best Screen Recorder for iPad, iPhone and iOS

There are a variety of ways to record your iPads screen and use this video later. These are my best 4 ways to record my iPad screen:


1. With a lead, recording directly into Quicktime on a Mac

Screen capture iPad if your iPad has iOS8 software on it and a Mac running Yosemite OSX software, you can use Quicktime to record your iPad screen by connecting your iPad to your computer with the cable it was sold with into the Macs USB port.


Tutorials are available showing you how to use Quicktime to record your iPad screen and do some really basic editing, with a YouTube version which shows the process in detail. You can check them out on youtube.


At the time of writing, this is a reasonably recent addition to the software available on my iPad and Mac, and I have been doing iPad screen captures for several years already.


I have found when teaching others this method that the need to learn not one but two pieces of new software complicates the task significantly, and means it takes additional time to complete. As my time is always the thing I prize most, both professionally and personally, I prefer to seek other iPad screens recording solutions and don’t tend to recommend this to people to ask me how I do my recordings. A lot of people consider this method as the best screen recorder for iPad practically all iOS devices.


2. Directly on your iPad using a jailbreak app

Record my ipad screenI have jailbroken my iPad in the past, mostly out of curiosity and to see what I could do with software which isn’t freely available.


And while it was jailbroken I tried several apps on Cydia to do iPad screen capture including the RecordMyScreen app.


The software was on the whole reliable, and despite a couple of crashes, it accomplishes the task competently enough.


This method works as a screen recorder for iPad as well.


I don’t have an iPad with a huge amount of free space to store this video.


Being able to export the recording, share it and upload it to a range of websites is also a challenge from the iPad, and although this is possible with ingenuity, cloud services like Dropbox/OneDrive, and a fast internet connection it is not my preferred way of working.


I manage my websites and YouTube accounts from my Mac and want a solution that allows me to work quickly which isn’t as possible using this solution.


3. By using an app like Explain Everything

Explain Everything screen recording for ipad is wonderful for composing, editing and exporting videos directly on your iPad, which you can use for a wide variety of purposes in education, training, and sales.


Explain everything is a very good screen recorder for iPad.


This free app allows the insertion of a range of media (images, sound, video etc) into slides, and then can record a screen capture of you playing them back while narrating/explaining what you are doing.


It doesn’t allow you to come out of the Explain Everything app and continue to record other things on your iPad screen, so if you were hoping to do a demonstration of anything else on your iPad using this app, you will not be able to.


Explain Everything does allow you to produce some excellent quality video however and is simply wonderful in student’s hands.


4. By streaming your iPad screen to a computer and recording it there

CamtasiaAt first this seems like an overly complex solution to the problem of recording your iPads screen, but actually, it is a really simple way of working, and the single best screen recorder for iPad.


This process involves connecting your iPad to your computer (Mac or PC both work) using software AirServer, and making the recordings of your mirrored iPad screen on your computer using Camtasia software.


I wear a pair of cheap headphones with a microphone to record the audio narration.


Camtasia is also the easiest video editing software which I have ever used for this purpose, especially when it comes to cutting out bits of the recordings where I have made errors or mistakes. It is easy to add comments, titles, and captions too.


The great thing is that both AirServer and Camtasia for Mac and PC can both be installed on a free trial basis to test this process out and make sure that it does what you need it to.


Final Words:-

So I think this article was enough to clear all your doubts. I have shared all the tricks that I know and use for recording the screen of my iPad and my iPhone. If you have any more queries, please leave them in the comment section down below.

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